Research in Education

Research in Education unit is one of the Educational Development Center’s Sub units which goal is to increase both quantitative and qualitative researches in Education by providing Research in Education Culture, targeting Educational Researches, presentation of Research Consultation, and strengthening Educational Decisions by using researches’ results.

In order to promote Research in Education spirit, main approaches of this unit are thinking skills strengthen, Problem-Based Learning (PBL), researches’ results evaluation and research ability of individuals in research fields strengthen. According to this, attending Journal Clubs under the mentioned issues is one of the responsibilities of Research in Education Unit.

EDC Research in Education Unit Responsibilities:

·         Determination of Educational Researches’ Priorities in University

·         Performing Educational Researches in order to find University Barriers towards Researching

·         Providing Research Spirit in Students

·         Holding Referee Meetings in order to facilitate Researches’ Office work

·         Presenting Consultations to Faculty Members and Other Interested Experts

·         Guiding Dissertation by Medical Education Issues

·         Holding Educational Journal Clubs in order to Improve Research Thinking

·         Holding Short-Term Courses of Fundamentals and Advanced Courses of Internet Searching for Faculty Members and other University Experts

·         Collecting Educational Contents for both EDC Library and Website

·         Website Management and Informing what’s new in Medical Education on the Website



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