Educational Evaluation

Role of evaluation in order to improve higher education system is not hidden to anyone. Education Quality Evaluation System provides a tool for universities to revise their actions, understand their weaknesses and strengthens and select the best options for their correction.

Amount of attention towards evaluation shows how much a university needs to improve educational programs based on educational evidences. Evaluation is a tool for a better conception of phenomenon’s value and to judge them.

Evaluation Process is to develop and improve phenomenon but an evaluation itself must be revised too. Meta-evaluation or the evaluation of evaluation and evaluators is an effort to reduce bias and increase the accuracy respectively. In Meta-evaluation, success rate and technical efficacy of evaluation method would be systemically checked which can affect the evaluators decision whether to use the evaluation method anymore or not.

Due to the importance of evaluation unit in EDC as a main component, the most critical duty of this unit is to provide an evaluation and Meta-evaluation methods regarding to Instructors’, Educational Groups and Research Institutes responsibilities.

Another important duty of this unit is to improve negative concepts existing among individual about what evaluation is and provide a new context in order to evaluate an educational system as it should be.

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