Educational Planning

Educational plans are the most important components of each country universities. Instructors’ ability to teach educational content properly to students is largely affected by how much they know about educational planning. Therefore considering educational planning and instructors as a part of that is so important.

In order to have effective learning and fulfill educational goals, getting acquainted to educational planning process is necessary for all instructors. So due to the importance of educational planning and its notable role in education, researches about its efficacy in instruction, evaluation and eventually students’ learning must be done.

Educational Planning Unit in Educational Development Center of Shiraz university of Medical Sciences firstly started its official job as a lesson planner in 2002 which became a routine in other related colleges and educational groups afterward.

Close and continuous cooperation of this unit with EDC caused EDC to perform a large amount of planning on its own.

EDC Planning Unit Responsibilities:

·         A Systemic Review of World Most Successful Educational Planning

·         Revision and Improvement of Educational Planning

·         Matching Educational Planning with Social Needs

·         Matching Educational Planning with Students’ Future Tasks

·         Determination of Core Curriculum in Universities’ Planning

·         Determination of Core Competency in Universities’ Planning

·         Targeting of Instructors’ Educational Plans

·         Optimization Use of Time and equipment for Qualitative Education

·         Monitoring and Following up the Instructors’ Educational Plans

·         Providing Educational Plans in all fields (Lesson Plans and Course Plans)

·         Providing log books for Specialty Fields

·         Evaluation of Instructors’ Lesson Plans and Giving Feedbacks to them through Instructors Educational Workshops



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